Tofu and Soy Drink Process

From Soybeans to Tofu/Soy drinks

The process of making tofu and soy drinks begins with soaking the soybeans for 7 to 10 hours, depending on the season.  After the soybeans have softened in water, they are washed and grinded into a paste.  Remnants of the soybeans are filtered out of the soy liquid, which is then boiled.  The hot liquid is put through another filter.  To make tofu, calcium sulfate, which acts as a coagulant is added and mixed into the soy for consistency.  The mixture is poured into cloth-covered crates, wrapped up and pressurized for 10 -15 minutes.  And the finished product is tofu!

Soy Drinks

The process for making soy drinks diverges from the process of making tofu after the second filter.  Instead of adding calcium sulfate, the soy is poured into a holding tank, in which sugar is added if the soy drinks are to be sweetened.  Then the soy is pressurized and filtered for a third time.  After that the soy is pasteurized and cooled.  Finally, the soy is filtered for a last time before being poured into a holding tank.  From there, the soy milk flows into plastic Kong Kee bottles, ready to be consumed and enjoyed!

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